Annelies Monseré / Richard Youngs
Three: Four Split Series Vol. 3 [10-inch; Three: Four]

The name of the Volume 3 of Three: Four’s split series game is patience — the compositions of Annelies Monseré and Richard Youngs tests the limits of your stereo speakers and your desire for progression. Monseré slowly swallows the A-side with multiple interpretations of one song. “Sand” is put through the wringer, carefully etched out melodica, guitar, piano, cello, and organ. The song is manipulated not only by Monseré’s choice of instrument but also by tempo and lyrical variants. The melodica version is quick and kitsch, counterbalanced by the hauntingly beautiful guitar version that likens itself to the icy refrains of Grouper. The highlight lies in the organ version, combining the frightful melody with a dark carnival tinge, lending “Sand” features of both good and evil; the ultimate dichotomy. Youngs’ 10-minute “Be Brave, This World,” is a strange combination of Donovan’s “Hurdy Gurdy Man” and Peter Gabriel’s most experimental works. The song, despite its rather rigid backbone, remains an attention grabber in large part to the heavy tremolo that envelopes the sparse guitar and the errant lyrical afterthoughts of Youngs. Everything bleeds into one, sharp guitar vibration. The only sad thought with this particular split is how made-for-collaboration Monseré and Youngs are. Their skill set would be much better served producing 5 songs together — let’s make it happen.

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