Annie Shaw
Shanty Awe [CS; Old Frontiers]

In his ode to the amalgamation of his car and girlfriend, Mark Tucker created an atmospheric epic with Batstew. It’s a sound that has yet to be recaptured, even as contenders and pretenders have tried to pick up the shards of the blueprint, torn asunder after multiple breakdowns and a name change. So leave it to another unknown, creating music in the not-so-wilds of Canada, to finally stumble upon the Dead Sea Scrolls of musical carelessness. Annie Shaw breaks the rules (though there are NO rules!) with Shanty Awe. Two odd flavors populate her 30 minutes of tape. Side A is the syrupy high of a sno-cone, dripping uncontrollably in the hot summer sun. It’s a carnival of freaks and geeks merrily terrorizing the heatstroked patrons with friendly prods. Side B is quieter, the contemplative look on a stranger’s face. Unaware of whether it’s a serial killer or a helping hand, you split the difference and walk on the other side of the street. SURPRISE! It’s both! She’ll pick you up from the ground with one hand as she carves out your innards with the other. I like untethered, and Shaw is well past the gravitational pull of convention. Here’s to hoping she revolutionizes the music world — or, at the very least, doesn’t try to write some sci-fi oeuvre to the postal service.

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