Sleep Drive [LP; Whited Sepulchre]

Sunday morning drone from the half-awake-half-asleep mentality needed to get up and face the day. Whether you’re nursing a hangover, fighting with a sleepless child, or up bright and early to praise your god, Sleep Drive is the spiritual cleanser that pushes away the graying clouds and allows a little sunshine to hit your cool, fall patch of land. Colin Blanton has slowly evolved his Ant’lrd persona, but Sleep Drive is his weekender phase. It feels a little too cozy, so it makes me a little more aware of my surroundings as I listen to it. But yet I find it rests on the turntable best on Sunday, when our house is a little chaotic and in need of a bit of calm. Most believe Sunday to be inherently chill, but that’s never been my experience. So Blanton, kind sir, I thank they for giving me something to wake up to when I don’t get the requisite amount of sleep required to fully comprehend garbled family tales or pathetic football commentary. This is not Buck and Aikman, I can assure you all that — this is the good group, assigned the shitty early afternoon game, that turns nothing into a big something. Sleep Drive is your Holy Day antidote, when you’d rather hear the subtle joys of drone than being uneasily vibrating within it.


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