Anwar Sadat
Mutilation [CS; Sophomore Lounge]

You may look at Mutilation and wonder many things. Its appearance in paper packaging is meager and minimalist. The black tape inside has no markings. The band’s choice to use the name of former Egyptian President Anwar Sadat is ironic yet strong symbolism to the recent Arab Spring and its quiet Western aftermath. But if you don’t give a fuck about rebellion — doing what is right in the face of awful odds — than Mutilation isn’t going to sit well with you. This black tape is but two songs (one per side). It messes your day, because you have to keep flipping the tape over, and these songs are but gnat length. It’s barely five minutes of music, but you’ll keep changing sides just as you keep swatting away the flies, just as you kept watch over Twitter when Egyptians recalled the peaceful side of Sadat in the face of Mubarak’s iron rule. Maybe you just need some hard-hitting punk and have OCD that this tape will placate.


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