Aqua Nebula Oscillator
“Om Na Mio” b/w “Freak Out” [7-inch; Who Can You Trust]

In a post-Comets On Fire world, a release like “Om Na Mio” b/w “Freak Out” would seem to be commonplace, but this is an advance even further into the abyss of psyched-out freak-jamming. It’s like getting caught in a basement full of cobwebs, Aqua Nebula Oscillator playing a super-soulful brand of post-blues as you struggle and wish you had Sting (the sword, not the dick hole) to cut yourself free. As Chris Weber says about a dozen times during each NBA game he calls, “You gotta love” the way ANO carry themselves. Lots of “wah-wah” (and we’re not talking George H.), mysterious and sinister motives lying in wait behind a veil of fuzz, a bassist who thinks on his feet more than most, a drummer who, for all we know, could be pounding away; all we can hear are titters most of the time, and that’s just fuckin’ dandy. Monotone vocals act as another instrument more than anything, so it’s a good thing that wizardly flute keeps popping in for a quick blow. Jazz that shit up, yo. Indie-500 copies, which means 10 of you, per state, can have one. Go ahead and fight it out, boys.


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