Arabrot / Rabbits
split [7-inch; Eolian]

If you value your mind and don’t want it blown out like a cokehead’s nostrils, avoid Rabbits’ side of this eponymous split 7-inch because it’ll kick yr head in till its boot is covered in brains. “Yr in Luck” is such a surprise considering the way this band used to sound. The edge remains, but there’s a sense of rising above it all they might not have had before. It’s a lot more like The Melvins than I remember too, albeit a continuation of a certain era of Melvins that adds a double-bass ass-pounding and mathematical stutters and jukes. You can’t really ask for more than “Yr in Luck” if you’re into Harvey Milk and want to party like Robert Downey Jr. on the set of Natural Born Killers. Arabrot bring much more of a rusty-razorblade sound, extremely intriguing instrumentally, but those post-Al Jourgensen vocals are on the verge of failing the smell test. I don’t want to judge too early on this one though because there’s a hard-to-find, warble-y bounce to it all that’s seriously heavy.

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