Arttu Partinen/MSHR/The Tenses
2015 Tour Split [CS; Pigface]

We are in ugly, square times. Proper urban weirdos have been replaced with “artisans”, in conservative garb more fit for lumbersexual lookbook than basement gig; in most places, the freak flag flies at half-mast, if it flies at all.

For what, though? We’re INVITED to the party! Adult Swim is throwing money at Wham City, Wolf Eyes are practically a classic rock band, even fucking Kanye is trying to get a taste of weird (admittedly, more of a Thirlwell/Skinny Puppy kinda weird than anything deep underground, but who knows what tomorrow brings with that guy? From where I’m sitting, it’s only a matter of time before he tears into the Violent Onsen Geisha back catalog and starts “homaging”). It’s high time for weirdos to sneak in, cash in, then spend the money on bulldozers and get to work knocking down some fucking condos.

Arttu Partinen (he a Finn Freak lifer whose resume includes Anaksimandros, Hetero Skeleton, and the mighty Avarus) has reliably hoisted the flag high, because they’re NOT CHICKENSHIT over in Finland. Rapid-fire collage moves not not akin to Folke Rabe, Henry Jacobs, or Cage’s “Fontana Mix”, albeit perhaps a bit more basement-hunched than those forebears. Flip of this split is fellow lifers the Tenses (Ju Suk Reet Meate and Oblivia, also of international freak scene godparents Smegma) jamming out in space with younger art-damaged turks MSHR, and the results are unsurprisingly O-mind friendly. This could be us, but you playin’ (boring rock/EDM music (for squares)).


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