Ashley Eriksson
What a Fool Believes [7-inch; Funkytonk]

Jesus Christ, girl. Ashley Eriksson (descendent of Lief?) has made an ass of me. An absolute AZZ; I can’t stop spinning a record for the first time in way too long, and it’s a fucking Doobie Brothers cover. What a sick way to hurt a reviewer. Sometimes instincts take over, I suppose. Twee doesn’t become 95% of the musicians out there, but every once in awhile, someone gets it right — almost too right. Love the little mistakes, too, the sense that, “Hey, the first take will be just fine.” It’d be tempting to look for weakness on the flippity-dip, and honestly I did, to no avail. It’s also quite attractive, full of harmonies circa The Pierces, The Andrews Sisters, and another group I might manage to name if you stop me on the street in a few days. Not now, though. K Records are responsible for a lot of CRAP. If they influenced this, however (and it’s likely), god bless those ugly mugs.

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