Astral Planes Drifter
Sight of Sight [CS; Rainbow Pyramid]

This slippery, squishy, gloppy piece of audio goo oozed from the yoke of Astral Planes Drifter in 2007 and now blinks to life once again as a tape on the fledgling Rainbow Pyramid imprint. Too bad Sight of Sight is APD’s only documented release, as the dude provided a prototype for a broad swathe of post-noise experimentation we enjoy now. Found sound, voice samples, quasi-tuned guitars, bells, effects, unidentifiable rubble, topped off by morbid production values. I’m thinking of collage artists like Uton and Babe, Terror and production moguls like Joe Meek; also sample obsessives like Haves & Thirds and Buon Giordo Luamada, tossed in a brain salad with a sci-fi mode sprinkled over top. Sight of Sight will be an absolutely devastating find for musicians plumbing similar territory six years after Astral Planes Drifter already went there. It’s the circle of life.


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