“All Over the News” b​/​w “Hawaiian Ice” [Cassingle; Self-Released]

I’m convinced Trevor Tremaine has suffered a concussion after one too many Hall and Oates love-ins. Something’s up with the soap opera switch; perhaps his evil twin has replaced his loud aggression with devilish sax and Barry & Levon suave. Much like his first cassingle, the double dip here is well worth the exchange rate of just $240 worth of pudding. “All Over the News” is just three decades removed from pre-Clear Channel R&B; “Hawaiian Ice” is far more funky in that over-produced way which infected much of mid-80s pop culture. What’s refreshing is that Tremaine — or whoever is playing him — seems so sincere. There is no denying that a wide audience wants this, as evident by the Lewis enrapture. Hell, wouldn’t be surprised if that sly Ameri-Canadian has been posing as a noise musician all these years. At the very least, he’s the assaulter that’s led to Attempt. Whatever change of mind/person, it’s not worth fighting it any longer. This is good retro-pop that hasn’t been overdone. “When it’s done/You’ll miss it so much.”

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