Bad Indians
Sun People [7-inch; Urinal Cake]

In the vein of a more psychedelic Black Lips (we’re talking the full monty; organs, early Floyd, Nuggets), Bad Indians shine like a goddamn diamond via “Sun People,” a 7-inch EP on which all four members sing a tune. Not surprisingly, the chick wins out, being a coy combo of Nancy Sinatra and Amy Linton (of The Aislers Set, mind you), but each cut caresses the ear in an affirming way, the boys’ tracks adhering to the tradition of The Seeds (“The Other Side”), Bay Area psych (title track), and Fresh & Onlys (“Hate”). Love the organ, love the AMT-ish cover art, love the ’60s worship, love the K.I.S.S. formula drums, love the camaraderie of each member throat-crafting a tune, love-love-love the idea that a somewhat hammy psych band can do all of this and still rock the boat in the way Bad Indians do, skillfully avoiding the land mines scattered all over the battlefield of their mode of expression. Ka-BOOM!


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