Bary Center
Endless High [CS; MJMJ]

Did you know there’s a dude out in Kentucky making pile-driving, Excitebike-style techno music? His name is Mark Williams, also known as DJ MRTHEBEST, but for our purposes we can call him Bary Center. If an “endless high” sounds like a good time to you, I guess this one’s sold itself (as if a new banger from MJMJ wasn’t enough already, amirite?). OK, so it’s not endless per se, but don’t get so disappointed — it’s damned close to an hour of basically ONE tempo. At times it certainly feels that way, delivering the Wuthering heights of a brain-dead bounce on the dance floor at who-the-hell-cares-what-time-it-is o’clock in the morning. Williams has an uncanny ability to keep straight-up stuff like this interesting, giving his syncopation room to develop with subtle inflections over time. He threads a psychedelic ribbon of sound carefully through the drum loops in a slow motion wave ahead of spooky vocal breaks, giving each track’s timeline its own rolling topography. All the while, that four-on-the-floor is insistent enough to keep your pupils as big as dinner plates and your heart rate pumping right along at a nice’n’easy 120 beats per minute. Don’t be surprised if catch your eyelids twitching to the rhythm after you’re out cold — this one’s infectious enough to invade even the deepest REM sleep cycles.

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