Bee Control
Bee Control [7-inch; Past/Futures/Adagio830]

Not since those tight nugs from Kissankusi Records came in (Can Can Heads, Kyklooppien Sukupuutto) have I had this much fun soaking up screams and crushed dreams for Cerberus. Bee Control wouldn’t have been a sore thumb on the Sound Pollution or Three One G rosters back in the day (or now, if those are ongoing concerns; coulda fooled me), yelling, raging, and bashing forth as they do. They’re like a punk-rock version of The WPP — for the ONE of you who can place that reference; sorry — that’s wound tighter than Cameron from Ferris Beuller’s Day Off and angrier than a bear when you try to mob one of its young. My love really blooms when, as on “Erection in a Suit,” things get all slow, woozy, and bass-driven, and the guitarist whittles his pick down to a nub. Heaviness can be so powerful when it’s in the right hands. If you liked the old Blood Brothers records and/or remember Ambitious Career Woman and/or have ever lived in Seattle and listened to future-hardcore, you’ll be on board with this. Jack it up, friend.


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