Benedek + DāM-FunK
“That’s My Jam!” [7-inch; Proximal]

“That’s My Jam!” is so outside the blackened purview of what we normally cover here at Cerbs (and even at TMT) that I feel skipping it over despite its deficiencies would be, frankly, a dick move. Benedek (with the help of DāM-FunK) went and funked yo mama: That’s right, he lured her to a dance club, got her all hot and sweaty, then took her home, and… well, the evidence is all over this sexy 7-inch (that’s all?) and its post-/future-funk grooves reminiscent of everything from Rick James to Deee-Lite to George Clinton to DāM-FunK himself. Certainly not my normal listening zone, but that’s why I find it refreshing and much more preferable than, say, Jamie Lidell. It ain’t my “jam” yet, but I’m Benedek-curious, to be sure.


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