Billy Gomberg
Waiting in Poor Lighting [CS; Avant Archive]

Michael Jantz’s (Black Eagle Child) Avant Archive boutique continues a hot streak of can’t-miss cassettes, which is where Billy Gomberg fits in. Waiting in Poor Lighting is a sinful blend of minor and major drone. Whether forcing anxiety (“Empty Fall”) through snake-tongued manipulations, embracing the fears of isolation (“Dust Taking Leave”) with successive aural mind fucks, or the calm after the breakdown (“Seams”), Gomberg’s versatile tape takes the place of feeling any real emotional attachment to the world. It’s a drug doctors should be pedaling in between Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy to those who are diseased with more symptoms than problems. Waiting in Poor Lighting will pounce on the hypochondriacs and cure them after intensive shock therapy. Consult with your Gomberg; if symptoms persist, visit the apothecary of Dr. Jantz’s Avant Archive for further evaluation.


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