Black Eagle Child / Excavacations
Black Eagle Child / Excavacations [CS; Paramita]

I awoke from a strange dream, one where I didn’t dissolve into thinly veiled clichés about two artists working so well together when paired on a split. But I realized I woke into a nightmare, because here I am about to uncontrollably write that the pairing of BEC and Excavations on a split cassette is a no-brainer. And that’s what we received from the un-terrible twosome. BEC’s Michael Jantz continues to blossom into a versatile guitarist, easy in experimentation and pop musics, while Excavacations likewise dig out a heap of catchy pop-laced whirlwinds. And the guitar prowess at work on both sides is mindboggling, to the point that we should all just give up trying to be Eddie Van Halen, because BEC and Excavacations have taken monstrous riffage and turned it into intricate pop melodies.

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