Blaine Todd
Golden Apples of the West [CS; Full Spectrum]

Gentle melodies and soulful harmonies give way to moments marked by somber lows, like the frenzy of summer giving way to the calm of autumn. The hectic buzz of cicadas trails off, in its place the subtle rustling of leaves against pavement beneath bare branches. Silvered waves crash endlessly; desperate efforts in vain to touch the amber moon hanging low in a starless sky, perpetually just out of reach.

Each track, contemplative and heavy with a remorseful sense of wistfulness; a necessary farewell to a season bound to pass, still heavy-hearted despite the eagerness to embrace crisp air and shorter days. Like the slow roll of fog across fallow fields, the album breathes a collected air of consistency throughout, while impassioned twanging notes are interspersed; deep red sycamore leaves falling in a flourish.


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