Blanche Blanche Blanche / Bruce Hart
“2wice 2wins” b/w “Songs for Music” [CS; OSR]

I’m among the Blanche Blanche Blanche believers, but this Bruce Hart character is like a white-hot cypher to the synth-nutz. His compositions so squiggily, his swing so no-diggity, his work on the keys so dastardly — Zach Phillips delivers the combination of madness and dexterity this generation demands, both as the one-man song-squeezebox behind B. Hart and the backup for our lady Blanche³, who is a deadpan tart for all-time, by the way. If you’ve had sick, sick dreams of Ariel Pink felching that big Casio in the sky, you pretty much need to GET ON this one. No one loves a C60 JAM-ASS-PACKED with ideas more than Gumshoe, and “2wice 2wins” b/w “Songs for Music” is one of the more consistently exciting examples of artists taking full advantage of every minute of tape available. Just mash ‘Play’ and zone out for days. (I think the newspaper just came.) It’s all happening — that 7-inch on Feeding Tube led to a tape and LP on Night People, which is now leading to an LP on La Station Radar (a Cerb favorite, if you check the archives), and from there who fucking cares? People are listening.

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