Buffalo Bangers
Blockader [7-inch; Private Leisure Industries]

Hearing this much character in a lead vocal is enough to draw notice on its own; that Buffalo Bangers also own a gregarious moniker and sprightly sound, well, is icing atop a fresh-baked cake of life. Not sure where Blockaders fits, of course. There was a band called Pigeon outta Cali a decade or so ago, not to mention the RTX/Howling Hex crowd, The No Nos, a few of the HoZac bands, and several riot grrrl acts, but in the here/now, you just don’t find acts with the ass-plastering sass the Bangers possess. Straight-line drums/bass, clean guitar either hittin’ a riff or running through an arpeggio or two, and that pristine personality-plus voice = keep Gumshoe posted. White vinyl with spraypaint insert never hurt anyone, either.


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