Cat Be Damned
Daydreams in a Roach Motel [CS; Joyvoid]

Like a hot afternoon spent in a haze of half sleep, Daydreams in a Roach Motel is a blend of fuzzy melodies and wind-blown whispering vocals. Feeling simultaneously upbeat and downbeat, Cat Be Damned creates an atmosphere of restless idleness that calls to mind the memories of sun-filled days spent cooped up in stuffy classrooms or gazing out office windows; a reckless freedom just out of reach beyond a pane of glass. Juxtaposing this is a sense of carefree joy that permeates each track. A realization that spring days spent pent up indoors give way to summer nights spent driving aimlessly through city streets, windows rolled down, hair windswept and frenzied by the warm breeze, dark sidewalks illuminated by stoplights.

Each track blending smoothly into the next, Daydreams in a Roach Motel is breezily cohesive, with tracks more than capable of standing on their own, as well as coming together as a whole to form a thoughtfully composed album. Cat Be Damned’s hushed vocals, paired with melodic instrumentals, feel like the exact musical embodiment of a summer night drive: free and beautifully effortless; the very moments that remind you of the difference between being—and feeling—really alive, or just living. The little moments which add meaning to monotony; this album serves as a reminder to look to the small joys around us and in them seek refuge in their reverence.


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