Cédric Stevens
Stardust / Moon Loop [7-inch; Discrepant]

We all seem to be saying lately, “Yes there are too many drone/ambient bands right now, but give this artist a chance anyway.” And I’ll be double-dipped if I ain’t about ta’ ask the same-a’ you: Forgive me for foisting yet another zone-out onto you, but Cédric Stevens is legit and long-tenured in several persuasions, and thus deserves your allegiance. Alas, his avenue of choice — psychotropic drone-drift — doesn’t usually work well on a 7-inch playing field. And I’ll admit the A-side doesn’t quite get it done. “Monsoon Loop,” however, is convinced it’s from space, and I believe it. Sucking in its gravitational pull while watching a History Channel (or some such shit) special on asteroids is like watching Cocaine Cowboys and nose-bombing a mound of soft, fluffy blow. MMMMMMHMMM! Very heavyweight wax too, for the record (get it?).

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