Charlatan Meets The North Sea
Charlatan Meets The North Sea [CS; Field Hymns]

I get the notion Brad Rose is Spring Cleaning, even as we drift helplessly into the winter season. But the aliases keep piling up and sometimes it’s easier to toss them out than to donate or store them. It’s not as if Charlatan or The North Sea have become too ratty to salvage, but some well-worn items are best to forget rather than to keep in the back of the closet. But Charlatan Meets The North Sea has Rose trotting out his ensemble one more time, one last twirl on the pulsating catwalk before both monikers fall out of fashion and the threadbare items completely dissolve. As one might imagine, pairing two completely unrelated items does lead to some strange combinations. Nothing is as painful as plaid pants and striped tops accented with gingham ties and argyle socks, but the duality of Rose’s musical identities produces a strange combo, one you’ll have trouble tossing aside. Mellow drones collide into electronic jams that are draped in eerie melodies. Rose may be having a fire sale, but you will be the benefactor, plaid pants and all.

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