Chris Schlarb
Psychic Temple III [12-inch; Asthmatic Kitty]

Feeling somehow mystically familiar and hypnotically intriguing, Chris Schlarb’s Psychic Temple III creates—in its frenzy of dizzying hums, and whines of strings, and distinct vocals—a feeling of timelessness. Like a late summer night spent walking down tree-lined streets in cerulean and ebony silhouette, the ties of time, of date, of place, seem to fade away as each evening star begins to emerge to punctuate the darkened sky; the shadow-box moments existing in a space-time all their own. A complex constellation of instrumentals, melodies, lyrics and styles form together for each track of the album, creating an uniquely undefinable composition, fusing together an array of genre elements that combine to feel both nostalgically familiar and captivatingly original.

A certain magnetic energy emanates from each note of each track, entrancing and alluring; a harmony that seems to draw you in as its willing captive. Perhaps though, this magnetism is to be expected at the hands of Psychic Temple’s charismatic cult leader.

Psychic Temple III is available with built in altar, should you feel so inclined as to join the Psychic Temple.


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