Christensen & Chlapek
Unknown Pressures [CS; Dismal Niche]

If you don’t pay heed to Matt Christensen’s Bandcamp page, well, shame on you. If you do, you must feel as if you’re drowning in genius, as Christensen drops some new bit of awesomeness every 3-4 weeks. So, I’ll excuse you either way if you happened to let this recent collaboration with Ben Chlapek (of Nevada Greene) slip underneath your radar. It gives us, your wholesome friends at Cerberus, the chance to introduce you to this spectacular little cassette. Of course — and going back to Christensen’s Bandcamp page — if you happen to be plugged into and dig his aesthetic, you’re already going to go into Unknown Pressures ahead of the game. That same arid, sparse production inhabits this desert land. If ever a major movie studio should reach into the ether of obscurity to pull music for a soundtrack, I would suggest the producers of The Dark Tower give Unknown Pressures a playthrough. With as much cool and bravado as Elba and McConaughey, and a similar pall of existential dread covered up in science fiction wrappings, Unknown Pressures is a lonely walk through a barren wasteland; notes bouncing off painted canyon walls under the setting sun. The restless chugging to keep moving; to find solace even as an oppressive star lends its last rays of warmth. What lurks in the sand at night? Unknown Pressures only knows. And when it finally finds its own tower, black and striking even against the clear night sky…


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