Christina Carter
L’Etoile de Mer [LP; Emerald Cocoon]

Carter’s first non-Charalambides foray is finally reissued on vinyl, and yet is nearly as limited and hard to catch as the original tape release. Nonetheless, Emerald Cocoon has done much to set this neglected butterfly free once again. It may look like a moth at first as it struggles to shed its dust and fly free from its dark home, but as the album opens up, so too do Carter’s wings. What is brave about L’Etoile de Mer is the emptiness it embraces. Soaring further into the open sky, Carter’s solo electric guitar slowly flutters and waits for the rippled air to meet its wings. As soon as she has freed herself from the binds of metamorphosis, it is her solitary voice that greets the strong wind and basking sun. It’s Carter stripped bare — and though it has become a trademark of Carter’s best work 15 years on, hearing her first outing with the gift of foresight only exposes the vulnerability and triumphant nature of L’Etoile. To hear this through fresh ears again would be most wonderful, and this packaging brings a new set. The magnificent splendor of freedom.


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