Threat [3-inch CDR; Kimberly Dawn]

Easily Volmer’s most cohesive composition to date; Threat clings to winter woolen clothing like microscopic icicles, so you get the vibe. It’s a slow roller, carefully tumbling down the hillside so you feel the trip. It’s uplifting and spiritually centered, so you feel the light. Joseph Volmer has tapped into our essence; the meditative soul in each of us crying for inner peace. He delivers it on Threat, which seems like such a misnomer considering how tranquil these 22 minutes. After reading this, press play and close your eyes. Try your best to shut everything out. It’s a tough go for a rookie to reach transcendence in the span of a network sitcom but Volmer comes close. And if closing your eyes isn’t your thing, then fix your eyes on the album cover drawn by Phil French. Damn it! Now there’s no hope—we all want Clearing on Stunned. Some dreams will never come true, but at least we have the soundtrack to it.

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