Coffin Pricks
“Group Home Haircut” [7-inch; Stationary (Heart)]

Coffin Pricks’ Christ Thompson is nothing short of a GAWD, having unleashed bands like Circus Lupus (Dischord favorite), Red-Eyed Legends, Monorchid, Skull Kontrol, and Fury upon the masses. One might ask, “Why not just record all that material under one name and consolidate that shit?” but that would fly right in the face of one of the most potent punk rules: Never overstay your welcome. Speaking of which, “Group Home Haircut” gets in and gets out and moves onto the next gig quicker than you can say “SNOT,” aligning themselves with punk friendlies old and new (Germs, White Fang, Reatard, etc.) yet quilting together a unique pattern of their own. A lot of times punk is a “see it live or miss the buzz” enterprise, but Coffin Pricks are just as randy on record as they likely are spread across a sweaty, smoky stage. Thompson has done it again.


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