Cold Coffee
Laundromat [CS; Summersteps]

If ever a label was appropriately named.

Summersteps brings back those comforting sounds of youthful summers, where there is nothing to do but boredom rarely sets in. Days spent riding bikes, playing video games and staying up late to watch absolutely nothing. The summer heat means nothing except the ability to wear shorts and swim whenever a pool is available. Laundromat from Cold Coffee fits snug into the summertime routine and Summersteps vibe. A bit of roguish rock and roll from our immediate past and the future we hope to pass onto a new generation of reckless youth. It’s the sort of loose and fun rock and roll that follows you throughout your day. Maybe you hear some people starting their own garage band or banging to the classics, but that summer music follows you wherever you go. Not the manufactured radio hits, just the vibes of the season that naturally occur. This is Laundromat. It’s just a good time and we’re all in need of it, whether it’s for a nostalgic pick-me-up or a new soundtrack to the changing weather.

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