Conrad Wedde
Spaceworld [CS; Field Hymns]

A title like “Spaceworld” may or may not be a little misleading here: Sure, Spaceworld is certainly spacey. It’s cosmic, even. It’s frictionless. Neon. Expansive. Some tracks have that light speed-glide to them, with some hypnotic, perpetually self-perpetuating grooves floating gracefully off into the black abyss. But there’s something about Spaceworld that might take you back to reality, too. When the guitar’s lullaby lilts its way in, when the doumbek softly beats out its intoxicating rhythm, and when a cooing voice hums its harmonious hymns into the sides of your brain, you’re gonna feel… young. And very human. You’ll see things you enjoy seeing on good old planet Earth on the day-to-day. Like green grass on a hillside, or fluffy clouds, or the sun flickering across the ripples of a pond. Twinkling synths and bell chimes illuminate the atmosphere like Christmas lights on an auto-timer, flickering to life, lighting the path home. Simple and pretty things your brain likes to experience, simply because they are so simple and pretty. The kind of background beauty that gives life in the foreground its secret charm, gift-wrapped by New Zealandite Conrad Wedde for his first (and hopefully not last) tape for the amazing Field Hymns imprint.


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