Cosmic Letters
Cosmic Letters [CS; Animal Image Search]

As if in the past, at some point, culture lived only in the sky. Not as a creature, but culture on some form of molecular level. And only in the sky is where this environment roams, at the brink of space and atmosphere. From here, social progression evolves two ways. The first is when molecules break a part from this arena and fall to earth, either as soil, rain, or maybe even something more animated/alive. The second is breaking off into the universe, straying away from earth, and becoming a part of something wholly and overwhelmingly baron. Where ghost becomes existent in this culture, and in human culture, is where these molecules return to earth from void. To bypass their way back, without burning or disintegrating, these beings use the Cosmic Letters system. The processes takes and is ultimately worth 400 lifetimes both submitting and finding your way back to the Milky Way. Traveling through dimension, beings, thunder, gas-masses, etc. Coming back to reel yourself once more through this world. Shit, maybe some of us should have chose space over earth.


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