Coyote Image Medicinals
Coyote Image Medicinals [3-inch CDR; Kimberly Dawn]

Under the cloak and dagger of surprise, the wily duo of Grant and Rachel Evans deliver suspenseful spoonfuls of static drone and reverb as compositional outfit Coyote Image Medicinals. The 20-minute swelter is a good tonic for the shattered nerves, caused by keeping up with the duo’s many guises. But here, I surrender. I take the hemlock and swallow it triumphantly. But I do not die, I slip into a world both drowsy with weight and light with hope. That Grant and Rachel refuse to fall in line with their more considerable projects and nom de plumes is worth the calculated risk; that they continually succeed and supersede should warrant no more frayed and jittery prose. Let me awake from my poisoned slumber and echo this: Evans’ aren’t deceitful or tricky. They put it in our faces, pour it down our throats, and let us taste the sweet nectar disguised as suspicion. But no matter the name or title, we are all now a part of the ruse. No matter the elixir, it is pure and chaste. All hail the King and Queen, bah, The Alpha and Omega!


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