Craig Colorusso
Sun Boxes at Martha’s Vineyard [Object d'art]

“Harnessing the power of the sun” is usually a cheap writer trick to describe some off-the-wall brand of psychedelia when words about bongs and weed fail to produce the correct imagery. But in the case of Craig Colorusso’s mammoth art installation, it’s the most apt description this side of a bad Sunny D commercial. The installation’s 20 solar-powered speakers are an act of artistic attrition, gamely gawkers becoming part of the experiment as they please. Colorusso’s venture into Martha’s Vineyard with his hefty prizes seems an odd fit, but the results proved lovely, the notes fading in and out at syncopated intervals as the ocean waves and peninsular breezes provide atmospheric accompaniment to the Sun Boxes’ singularity, mimicking a high-tech wind chime buzzing with the timidity of nostalgia.


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