Holy Wisdom [LP; Super Secret]

How many bands these days are truly influenced by Fugazi and possibly Hot Water Music? Not many that come across my desk, so Creationists have that going for them out of the gate, though they hew closer to pure punk than either and flirt with trumpet more than you’d expect. Holy Wisdom is full of uptempo rock with a production haze like early morning fog. The high-register, chiming guitars, when allowed to roam, might be their best asset, but they’re a well-rounded crew of noisemakers, and with the many options available today it all comes down to preference; in fact, at this point you already know if this is your bag or not, so why do I bother to go on? I say give Creationists a chance, particularly if they hit up your town, as the rumbles of Holy Wisdom seem ideally suited to a live situation. Plus they really stretch out on Side B with some Cramps mannerisms and more of those guitar assaults. Pressing of 300 that just won’t quit.

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