Creature Automatic
Dust Clouds May Exist [LP; Telegraph Harp]

Rock-pop rarely gets its day in the sun. Music media has followed the lead of the business, badly fracturing into subsections and niche coverage that good music can and will fall through. Thankfully Robbie Lee has gifted us with Dust Clouds May Exist in the guise of Creature Automatic. With a resume more attuned to pop and avant oddities, it’s mind-expanding how tapped into timeless rock Lee is throughout DCME. Just like the forgotten genre, it’s nestled in an odd space that places it as GBV meets Plush; a haphazard melody somehow comfortably orchestrated and carefully considered. There is an easiness with which these songs pour from Lee, as if he were a sponge over-filled. The holes are spewing forth a soapy froth of pop goodness that was wiped from mainstream consciousness over a decade ago. So as it was scrubbed clean, it shall now come back to clean up the messes of our blogosphere that have become too concerned with breakout artists and the debut track arms race. Let this be slipped to you from a big brother or older acquaintance. Let it be whispered about and tucked away in half-read ‘zines. When you come to it, be it now or in 20 years, you’ll wonder how the world went so long without hearing it.


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