Crystal Soda Cream
Escape From Vienna [12-inch; Totally Wired]

Crystal Soda Cream’s Escape From Vienna is one of those rare records that excels despite its obvious tendency to borrow from artists of the past. To say this record is influenced by The Cure (and maybe old-time Nick Cave) would be merely where you start; from there you might have to mention total worship and perhaps even venture to view Vienna as an attempt to further the work of CSC’s heroes. But the picture I’m drawing for you is an inaccurate one somewhat because I haven’t communicated how much I love listening to this band. They take their craft so seriously you can’t help but join them in their somber rituals, and the sudden detours the songs take will thrill you like the jarring lefts and rights of your favorite San Francisco cab driver. And the production is absolutely flawless, a bit trebly just like they used to make ‘em yet bass-y enough to beat a few coins outta you if they catch you in a dark alley drunken. Really excited to see/hear what this band does next, provided they stay hungry and heartless.

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