Theta Distractions [CS; Beer on the Rug]

How CVLTS manage to be contemplative, atmospheric, mellow-yellow, rudimentary, and plodding, yet retain the listener’s interest is truly a mysterious phenomenon in the world of ghostly drone. Maybe it’s because they treat their compositions as separating songs instead of a side-long blob that somehow glurps its way, sideways, onto a cassette, or maybe they just have that talent; either way, so few possess the ability to render their material effortlessly haunting yet strangely joyous. I remember old-school Sesame Street bits that contained music like this, synths dancing in metrically correct place as tones and drones drip-drop in the foreground. At times there’s an Eola flavor, but other than that, I’m strapped for comparisons. Shoulda caught these guys at SXSW, I guess is the message here? Heard that.


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