“Expectorance” [7-inch; Joyful Noise]

Before there was Sufjan Stevens, there was the Danielson Family. Helmed by the effervescent Daniel Smith, the anti-Manson eclectics breathed new life into pop, playfully flirting with 60s bubblegum and late 20th-century experimentation to produce a wide variety of kitsch. “Expectorance” is yet another minor reinvention from Smith. Maintaining the tinker-toy melody often found in upbeat Danielson fare, “Expectorance” also delves into some polished blues repetition. The beat is pounded out with the fervent energy of Pete Townshend, Smith’s windmills powering an army of musical talent rather than rallying against teenage wastelands and old bosses. It’s a time of magic once again! Time to pick up our tired spirits through the power of Danielson.


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