David Karsten Daniels
The Four Immeasurable Minds [CS; Carpi]

With the sharp witticisms of Sharp Teeth, Daniels had a hold on me. It was an incomplete look into the psyche of relationship that sometimes felt too personal; a loud drunk telling a sober bartender all their troubles with increasing volume. Nearly 8 years and a few releases later, The Four Immeasurable Minds is the introspective thinker at which Daniels has often toyed. It’s not just the mellowed approach that puts Daniels closer to Rameses III than Conor Oberst. but the choice in how to express a thought. We’ve all tried to catch those words we wish were left unspoken. Here, a feeling is the better emote. The cassette’s Buddhist backbone can be at fault for its meditative spell but why suffer foolish anger when such a majestic beauty falls into your lap. Rather than toss out a few passive aggressive lyrics (such as the high and tight “American Pastime” from Sharp Teeth), The Four Immeasurable Minds captures the breeze of chin music with a brilliance long gone from the grueling sport. Easily the strongest Daniels has been to date and hopefully a sign of a shift in perspective. Not that his pop tendencies were aimless (quite the contrary), it’s that the insight is better used in these contemplative gems. 108 tapes seems too small, so let’s hope a stateside private press puts this on vinyl for a full aural experience.


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