David Novick
s/t [LP; Sun Sneeze]

This is a memorable, blessed record, bolstered by not only a fresh, long-lost indie-rock sound but hand-painted covers, thick vinyl, and limited-to-100 status. Credited to David Novick of San Francisco Water Cooler, this LP is a must for anyone looking to connect the dots between Sebadoh and Elliott Smith (shit that should be millions but it’s more like thousands, innit?) in a lo-fi way that doesn’t dive too deep into the production murk (just far enough, in fact). There are even splashes of noise when circumstances beckon, and “Ashtray” is an even stronger instrumental for it. It’s overwhelming how patient these compositions are, gliding with no particular purpose, seemingly, until you take a step back and realize how much is actually going on. Novick’s got a voice naturally cast for indie greatness too, pert enough and all while also verging out of tune as only the knowing can pull off, standing out from the mix just enough to never be fully overshadowed by it. He is serious about his music and it doesn’t matter how many people are watching/listening/tweet-fucking.

Links: Sun Sneeze


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