Dead Fader
Work it, No [12-inch; Robot Elephant]

Rare is the electronic musician who can render his music downright scary; Dead Fader accomplishes this and more on “Bosched” with little more than (presumably) an oscillator pad, a fat-as-fuck bass-smuggling beat, and the big, blue sky. How does he do it? Who fucking cares. “Fishsh,” the second cut from the Work it, No 12-inch is even more vicious, its bass blob sawing my earz in half as it fills the room with buzzing, nefarious low-end. Sensational raps, too, and doesn’t ruin shit whatsoever; always a plus. Observe as the track suddenly sinks a few feet beneath the ground, dripping from the speakers like pus, before righting itself and slow-rolling off into the night. Egad. Side B is less jarring, more witch-y, and still right up your alley if you like EDM, though it loses some of the runaway momentum created by the stampede of the first couple of cuts. Whereas “Bosched” and “Fishsh” stir up a ruckus without even trying, “Industrial Funk Stains” and “Das Hamster” try pretty damn hard and generate less heat per boom-bapita (a form of capita). Light orange vinyl never hurt anyone, and apparently you can get RER stuff in America now. It’s the dawn of a new rave.


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