Dead Luke
God Takes LSD [CS; Moon Glyph]

I remember the excitement of firing up “Marijuana Vietnam” from Lotion in the summer of 95, believing my mission toward modern psychedelia was beginning. How disappointed to find an alterna-pop joint rather than the napalm haze of the next Mazzy Star. It’s been nearly two decades, and a lot has changed: retroactive discovery, generations of cassette labels and dazed bands tapped into the cosmic Zen of fearless distortion and long drags. Which is where we find Dead Luke. But that isn’t to say Dead Luke couldn’t also have been found hidden deep in Lotion circa 95. God Takes LSD is an adventurous and accessible romp of psych, drone, and pop. It begins heavy, weighed down to the couch by fog. But as the stoner drops the sheet, the tape takes a magnificent turn through the spectrum of sound. I’m invaded by the spirit of post-synth; spaceship God descending not for the Rapture, but for the stage show. Suddenly, I find myself in the backroom with Anton Newcombe and Peter Hayes reconciling over jangly guitars and smoky harmonies. But it all comes back to the bong and the afterglow, the room reverberating. Eyes shoot open and here we are, on the edge of the bed, and “Marijuana Vietnam” is silently skipping on the turntable. Justin dies at the end.

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