Dommel Mosel
Sweet Boy [CS; Happenin]

Another dose of confessional pop-rock from Alabama’s Dommel Mosel and just like last year’s Crybaby, Sweet Boy checks all the marks for what I expect from confessional pop. The lyrics are a bit clumsier this go-round, yet they leave an indelible mark on my memory. Lyrics about the lovely monotony of relationships, remorse at missing out on seeing a woman topless (but hardly demeaning with the subject—this isn’t hair metal and hard rock), and taking the punishment you deserve once your help fails. It’s the stream of consciousness that occurs in our daily lives, set to melodic music to remind us that everyday life does not have to be so boring. Sometimes having responsibilities to attend to and roles to fill can provide depth and worth. It’s easy to forget with bills, school, work, kids, bills, travel, repairs, bills, gardening, caretaking, parents, bills. We’re often too busy assessing what others have without acknowledging what’s right in our lives. Even all those bills. Binge watching the first six seasons of Seinfeld may just be a simple pleasure to make the grind of life—and the worn down nub of a mind that can’t shut down—worth it.

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