Drab Majesty
Careless [LP; Dais]

I’m glad I listened to Careless with headphones on because without that intimate connection shoved into my ears at point-blank range I had failed to connect with Drab Majesty’s debut LP as thoroughly as I had the Unknown to the I cassingle (which, admittedly, would have been tough to follow under any circumstances). Now that I’ve laid in bed with Careless for a bit, however, I can see how it was a natural progression from that exultant tape. Tracks like the surprisingly energetic, plucky “Everything is Sentimental” are produced with more shine, which almost seems to drub their subtleties into submission. But, like I said, a closer listen reveals so much. The subtleties not only exist, but are intricately woven into the fabric of the compositions. In the end though Careless is, at its core, a collection of moody mechanical beats, isolated ruminations, and stimulating guitar arpeggios that equate to more than the sum of their parts by a wide margin. If you listen from a distance it will feel cold and clinical; venture further into the void and you’ll likely realize why Drab Majesty have been showered with hype over the last few months. First press of this LP is long-gone but a repress has apparently been ordered. Get in line.

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