Drawing Trees & Ant’lrd
Balanced Breakfast [CS; BARO]

The best albums induce a physical reaction to match the emotional. Balanced Breakfast is that type of success, bringing with it a mild cool in the midst of summer’s last heatwave. A quaint white kitchen, popping with the bright colors of drying towels, washcloths and colorful china. A contempt attempt at capturing the zen of the day; indeed a balancing act of strange sounds and traditional melodies into a a complete part of our morning ritual. Drawing Trees dominates the morning conversation; the dotting mother of yore busily fixing breakfast, kick starting the day’s chores and playing to the orchestration of simple machines making complicated tasks less stressful. Ant’lrd has more concentrated passages, dad picking out interesting headlines and phrases from the newspaper. The children all run around, making clank from pots and pans. And though this wholesome picture is but a fractured fairy tale of modern reality, it’s captured here in all its glory without usurping the equality of the household. Mother has her work and opinions, father as well. The kids? With ignorance comes bliss. And I stare at this lonely Pop Tart, wondering where it all went awry…

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