Drunk Dad
Morbid Reality [12-inch; Eolian]

As gnarly as so many flustered fathers are (just realized I’m writing this on Fathers Day), Drunk Dad exist beyond the pale, slobbering and demanding loyalty even as it’s threshing you about like a bright-colored bead in a baby vacuum. Morbid Reality, for a four-song 12-inch, unfurls a personality hairy as a woolly mammoth and crushing as when that mammoth sits on your grape of a head till it goes [pop]. When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth might be an appropriate aggregate in all things intense, and a ton of long-gone bands of the SS/T&G/old-school grunge/post-Karp school of hard knocks factor somewhere in the heaviness. Drunk Dad differentiate themselves from the rest through vehement investment in rhythmic complexity, not to mention noise delvings that seem to be more than just a passing fancy. The singer cracks open his mic from dozens of angles too, screaming like a fascist soldier and wheezing like a pig when the situation demands it. Between this and that Mines record this might have been the best aural week of 2013 so far. Truly a calendar year that keeps on givin’. Keep ‘em comin’ y’all!

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