Duane Pitre
Monolithic Youth [CS; Sonic Meditations]

And the drone goes onnnnnnnnnn. Sonic Meditations couldn’t be a more apt label for Monolithic Youth; it sounds like a church organ floating through the sky, its keys being mashed by the wind as the notes swirl and curl up at the ends. Duane Pitre is one of those — you know, he used to be in a band I dismissed (Camera Obscura), but now he’s changed his ways and dedicated himself to the experimental, with releases on Important and other labels you’d expect (NNA, Basses Frequences). He’s a man of the drift cloth, if this li’l tape has anything to say about it, but we’re talking relentless drift, the sort that bounces around your head like a pixelated pinball long after you press “Stop” and go on with your day. The waters get a little choppy as Side B inches forward, but it’s all in the drone.


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