Dust Belt
Development of Early Tools [CS; Hospital Productions]

Dust Belt is one of the preeminent purveyors of industrial music-as-subconscious exploration. Their output is always preoccupied with the stars and humanity’s relationship to it, a ground ripe for trepidatious journeys of the imagination. On Development of Early Tools this fascination turns more overtly to early-man’s relationship to the movement of the heavens, executing it with monkey-and-a-monolith flair. The combination of primitive-sounding percussion and electronic undercurrents give the impression of floating through a space filled with disconnected images of skulls, bones and symbols creating a bread-crumb trail of humanity. The early-electronics underpinnings of each song transformed into the tactile surveying of an artifact; the scrapes and thuds of the music as a finger-tip reading of history. Each shard unfolds with déjà vu familiarity and it becomes possible read mystical portent into them; the whirling and squealing of samples as the chips and cracks in a reflective history. Time folds in on itself as the synthetic hums push a pin through distant points in space, connecting them like a high-school explanation of wormhole travel. It is the sound of our Paleolithic selves clawing and biting their way towards a starfield-future preserved as a baseline hum in each of our unconscious minds.


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