Dusted Lux
Peace Gets Ignored [CS; A Giant Fern]

The sentiments that came forth in my first dive into Rhucle from the most recent batch from A Giant Fern do not surface on Dusted Lux’s Peace Gets Ignored, perhaps because the sentiment is too in-my-face. That said, it’s easy to sleep on Peace Gets Ignored at first. There’s a pun to be made, but before I can fully formulate it or some political rebuke, “Blue Filtered Night” shifts gears and Dusted Lux begins to break the surface tension with a ripple of legitimate thought. I am unstuck, which is the sort of actionable item needed to tackle the crumbling worldview. There’s a positivity that illuminates much of Peace Gets Ignored, best showcased by “Manifest,” a repeating serenade of notes that are both warming but ominous the stalled movement. And when it begins to breakdown and shift perspectives, it mirrors a world that is ripping apart but has yet to fuse itself together in a more meaningful way. It bleeds into “Extra Ferro,” which sounds like the factory where mass production of a better world gets stuck mid-cycle, cranking out the same middling part without the rest of the body parts need to create a harmonious vehicle. And we sit by, as the foreman of said factory does not care to fix it, because that one part — separated from the others — sells enough units by itself that we can ignore the whole. (Yes, I just brought it back to Peace Gets Ignored as an idea as well as a title.)

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