Earn / Mirror to Mirror
Split [CS; Jugular Forest]

Oh them boys from 1958-2009. They gone and made a split cassette under th’er solo aliases. Earn is Matthew Sullivan toying with minimalism, focusing on the space between the spaces between. It’s an experiment that’s been coming to a head in many forms (most recently in his work with roomie Sean McCann). Lift yo’ head up and praise be to Earn. Alex Twomey’s jam is just that; overflowing with synthesized reverie. Remember when Animal Collective was unpredictable and fun? Yeah, you better jump on Mirror to Mirror now. The juxtaposition here is a strange one — perhaps Sullivan and Twomey proving to the disenchanted like me that they are more than their ‘past’ project. I’ve known it for some time, but this split not only proves it, but also destroys preconception itself. Both are craftsman beyond the scope of their chosen instruments, going where others refuse. Earn is sullen but triumphant in its stoic optimism; Mirror to Mirror is finely crafted drone that has no fear of being labeled pop. Both will bring a smile as wide as the Joker’s to your face. Bust my britches and call me Frances.


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