Dwellings [CS; Fabrica]

I’ve witnessed so much craziness there gets to be a point where a band can’t offend me. Cassette culture, however, is full of surprises, shocks that hit you in all sorts of ways, day after day after torture-rewind day. EarthMasters don’t seem to carry a single qualm relative to songs, lyrics, climaxes and hooks — this is audio dedicated strictly to the ongoing concern of how far out can experimental works go in a musical stratosphere proven to have no true boundary. A forest-walk (Crombie-style) is what this fizzy brew blows up to. The devilish swoons from loping and loud to tinkly and taut soon form a creepy cocoon around your ears; if you wake up and it’s 500 years in the future, you’ll have EarthMasters to thank.


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